[WATCH] Episode Four – The Cloak & Dagger


Episode four is up! This week our intrepid heroes get a little help from an unexpected source, and we meet Jason, captain of the football team. What sinister dealings might he be involved in? Enjoy! Continue reading “[WATCH] Episode Four – The Cloak & Dagger”

[WATCH] Episode Three – The Warning

Fight your case of the Mondays with episode three of Jess Archer Versus! When last we left our intrepid detectives, they had just finished interrogating a prime suspect only to have Officer Turner summon them to his office. Continue reading “[WATCH] Episode Three – The Warning”

[WATCH] Episode Two – The Interrogation

Episode two is LIVE! Please enjoy as Jess and Chase interrogate their first suspect in an attempt to clear Troy’s name! Continue reading “[WATCH] Episode Two – The Interrogation”

[WATCH] Outtake Reel: Episode One, Part One

What’s the most fun part of any show? The outtake reel of course 😀 And here’s part one of our outtakes for episode one. Continue reading “[WATCH] Outtake Reel: Episode One, Part One”