[WATCH] Episode Four – The Cloak & Dagger


Episode four is up! This week our intrepid heroes get a little help from an unexpected source, and we meet Jason, captain of the football team. What sinister dealings might he be involved in? Enjoy! Continue reading “[WATCH] Episode Four – The Cloak & Dagger”


[WATCH] Episode Three – The Warning

Fight your case of the Mondays with episode three of Jess Archer Versus! When last we left our intrepid detectives, they had just finished interrogating a prime suspect only to have Officer Turner summon them to his office. Continue reading “[WATCH] Episode Three – The Warning”

Joel Stigliano is Back as Officer Turner!

We are very excited that Joel Stigliano will be back to reprise his role as Jess Archer’s arch-nemesis, Officer Turner! Joel brings just the right amount of sass and mustache to the role.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.43.12 PM Continue reading “Joel Stigliano is Back as Officer Turner!”

Get to Know Officer Turner!

Officer Turner is Jess Archer’s arch-nemesis.  The Agent Smith to her Neo. The Master to her Doctor. The Newman to her Seinfeld.

giphyHello, Newman.

As the security officer at Jess’ school, Turner has a small amount of power and it’s gone straight to his head. He hands out detentions for the most minor of infractions and has instituted a reign of terror over the students.

"Hope you enjoy the path to Mordor, turd."...is something Officer Turner might say.
“Hope you enjoy the path to Mordor, turd.”…is something Officer Turner might say.


It is Jess’ mission in life to annoy Turner in any way she can in an effort to exact some small measure of vengeance for his victims…because seriously, he’s the worst.