Jess Archer on Amazon Prime

We’re super excited to announce that Jess Archer Versus season one is now available to watch on Amazon Prime! So head over and relive all the hijinks and shenanigans…or watch for the first very time! If you’re feeling generous and would like to leave us a review or rating, we would be very grateful 😀 😀


Jess Archer Versus Coming SOON!

It’s been a long process editing 11 episodes of Jess Archer Versus since we wrapped at the end of June last year, but we’re very proud to announce that they are very nearly complete! After one last check to make sure everything is perfect, we have sent off our babies (er, episodes) for sound mix and color correction. If all goes to plan, we will be premiering episode one mid-May! More details to come in the following weeks. We’re so excited for everyone to see the fruits of our labor! To tide you over, here’s a little sneak peek at some of the images we’re using for the opening credits sequence…

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