Meet Stefan Kumor!

More casting news! We’re very happy that the fantastic Stefan Kumor will be reprising his role from the original short as Jess Archer’s best friend, Chase Pollard! He is the Watson to her Holmes, the Robin to her Batman, her very own girl Friday! (gentleman Friday?)

0085-print copy

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Stefan was accepted into Ohio University’s School of Theater BFA program where he appeared in productions of “The Grapes of Wrath,” “Four Dogs and a Bone,” and “Annika Gold.”

Stefan LetitBeWar
Stefan in “Let It Be War”

Stefan has also appeared in films such as “Trailerpark” (based on the Russell Banks novel), several award-winning short films, and on television in episodes of “The Office,” “Dexter,” and “Californication.”

Stefan in "Trailerpark"
Stefan in “Trailerpark”

We’re thrilled to be working with Stefan again!



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