Meet Our Jess Archer, the Fabulous Emily Williams!

Some of you may already know her, but we want to introduce Emily Williams who plays Jess Archer!

Emily played Jess in the original short film “Jess Archer vs. The Ex,” which screened at Dragon*Con (the Comic Con of the east coast!). We are so excited that she will be reprising her role!

Emily was born and raised in Maineville, OH, a small town outside of Cincinnati. She started acting in elementary school and went on to be accepted to Ohio University’s BFA Performance Program.

Emily as Eurydice
Emily as Eurydice

She has played such diverse roles as Abigail Williams in “The Crucible,” Lady Percy in “Henry IV,” Eurydice in “Eurydice,” and Alice in New York “geek theatre” company Vampire Cowboys’ production of “Alice in Slasherland.”

Emily as Alice in Slasherland
Emily as Alice in Slasherland

In short, Emily is awesome and we cannot imagine Jess Archer without her 🙂

Learn more about Emily here, and follow her on twitter @Ema_line!

Emily in the Vampire Cowboys' War is F**king Awesome
Emily in the Vampire Cowboys’ War is F**king Awesome

(Headshot photo credit: Amy Hoek Kubik)


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