Get To Know Jess Archer!

Just who is our protagonist?


Jess Archer doesn’t like people. In fact, she might agree with the immortal words of Roy from The IT Crowd:


But there is one person that she likes, and that’s her best friend Chase Pollard. He’s her very own Watson, and she’s never happier than when they are hot on the trail of a mystery together!


Lifelong friends, they are engaged in a constant debate over whether The Phantom (Chase) or The Shadow (Jess) is better – which tends to look something like this:

spock opnion

…And they love to cosplay at the local WonderRamaCon.

Even though Jess professes to hate people, there’s no better person to turn to if you’re in trouble. She can’t resist a mystery, loves solving puzzles, and won’t stand idly by when she sees injustice!






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