So What’s Jess Archer Versus All About?

jess with melinda copy 2

Several years ago, Amy Taylor wrote and directed her thesis film, Jess Archer vs. The Ex. Well, she fell in love with the characters and the concept so much that she decided to write more… and thus the webseries Jess Archer Versus was born!

Season one will follow Jess Archer and her best pal Chase Pollard as they take on the case of Troy, the captain of the lacrosse team, who has been accused of selling answers to the midterm exams.

Enter Officer Turner, the school security officer. He derives joy from abusing his authority and desperately wants to be taken seriously as an officer of the law and great detective. When he discovers the midterm answers in Troy’s locker, it’s the greatest day of his life and he won’t let a meddling Jess Archer ruin that for him!

The character of Jess Archer follows in the footsteps of great  female detectives like Nancy Drew, Miss Marple and Veronica Mars.


And the style and comedy of the series takes its inspiration from Edgar Wright. Lots of visual jokes, whip pans, and fun, snarky exchanges between lovable characters!


If that sounds appealing, please consider sharing our kickstarter link or head over and check out our backer rewards! We’ve got everything from digital downloads of the series, to t-shirts and homemade cookies!


Thanks for reading!




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